What conditions and rules apply to a church wedding

Conditions for a church wedding ceremony

  • one of the fiancés is baptized in the Catholic Church
  • this is the first marriage

If you meet these two basic conditions, you can move on to wedding preparations.
The fiancé who is baptized in his parish choose the date and time of the marriage in the church

If you want to have a wedding ceremony in another church / parish, you must apply for the so-called „release from the parish“ for the consent of the relevant pastor, you must also apply if you want another marrying priest.

A church marriage has the same weight as a civil marriage on matrices

You will need some important documents to apply for a church wedding

  • to write a request for a church marriage
  • present photocopies of the identity card and birth certificates of both spouses
  • photocopy of the death certificate if one of the spouses is a widow / widower
  • certificate of legal capacity to enter into marriage
  • confirmation of the baptism of one of the fiancés
  • confirmation of pre-wedding preparation for the wedding in the church
  • witness information / name, surname, birth number…

Prepare in time for the wedding ceremony in the church

  • Contact the responsible authorities for the latest information
  • Visit and arrange with the pastor in your local parish
  • More information can be found on the Ministry of the Interior portal

The wedding ceremony in the church is the first part of the wedding day, followed by a wedding reception and an after party.

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We wish you a peaceful wedding preparation and the most beautiful wedding day.