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Basic provision

General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“) governing the rights and obligations between the operator and the owner of the portal (hereinafter referred to as „Operator“) Josef Litvan, Hrabice 53, 385 01 Vimperk, IČ 49006789, DIČ: CZ631026088, Authority competent according to §71 paragraph 2 of the Trade Licensing Act: Městský úřad Vimperkč.j MUVPK-OŽÚ 20116/17-LUD, file number 4478/2017 and by the end user / customer who placed the order or other activity on cz (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and an entity offering products or providing services (hereinafter referred to as the “Partner”) for activities on the portal.

The portal is intended for the presentation and subsequent purchase of wedding services by the User.
The portal enables the presentation and sale of services and products of a registered Partner.

The partner / natural or legal person offers wedding services and products to all Users via the portal. In the event that it is one of the paid functions, the Partner is obliged to pay the specified amount on the invoice by the due date. For annual prolongation payments, an invoice is automatically issued to cover the next period. The Partner guarantees that the wedding services and products will be available to the User after payment. The User pays the price stated on the Partner’s website on the basis of his own GTC, including other fees and costs that he has publicly placed on the website. The prices listed on the portal are indicative, they always depend on the final price of the Partner.

Ordering and concluding a contract

All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic. The portal provides its services as an intermediary. By using the portal, both the Partner and the User confirm that they have read these GTC and have expressed their consent. The GTC are publicly and visibly placed on the portal Specific GTC of the Partner’s wedding services and products are placed on his own website.

Partner Information

The user has the opportunity to get acquainted with information concerning the Partner’s company, offered wedding services and products, information about the current offer of services or products, GTC and cancellation conditions … on the Partner’s website.

The operator of the portal does not bear any responsibility for the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by the Partner, the stated data about the Partner, his wedding services or products offered by the Partner and published on the portal. The operator is not responsible for any copyright infringement of this content. The portal only combines individual offers of wedding services and products.

Use of the portal

The User / Partner is not entitled to interfere in any way with the functionality of the portal, to insert SPAM into forms, comments or other optional links. If these interventions disrupt the functionality or damage the good name of the portal, he is fully responsible for any damages.

The Operator reserves the right to terminate the User’s / Partner’s access to the portal if the User / Partner violates the conditions for use by its behavior and actions.

The User / Partner agrees to the sending of business messages in the form of emailing from the Operator. This consent is granted to the Operator upon the first registration in the form.

By agreeing to send business messages, checking the „Subscribe to news, promotions and discounts“ box, the User / Partner also confirms that he / she has read the Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Processing / GDPR, setting cookies for marketing purposes.

The User / Partner declares that he / she has read these GTC before starting to use the portal, and that the wording of the GTC fully understands and agrees with them.

The User / Partner is obliged to comply with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

Some activities and content of the Portal contain a link which, when clicked, redirects the User to the Partner’s website.

Final Provisions

The operator reserves the right to change these conditions at any time and publish a new version on the portal

These conditions take effect on 15. 10.2020