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The operator of this website is Josef Litvan, Hrabice 53, 385 01, Vimperk, IČ 49006789, DIČ: CZ6310260880, hereinafter only (administrator)

On the portal, we use cookies for the purpose of better user comfort when browsing offers and for analytics.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by the web site you visit. Cookies usually remember your personal or website settings, like your preferred language or address. Later, when you visit the same website, your browser returns these text files belonging to that website. This enables the website to display information adjusted to your preferences.

Cookies can store a whole host of information including personal information (like your name or e-mail). However, this information can be stored only if you enable it – websites cannot gain access to information you did not provide, nor can they access other files on your computer. Saved settings for storing and sending cookies are not visible. However, you can change the settings of your Internet browser and choose to allow or disallow cookie requests, or delete stored cookies after closing your browser.

Types of Cookies
Technical – provide basic technical functionality of websites, ie logging in to the administration, using programmed functions and other services.
Relational cookies help to display them correctly during a visit to the published pages and are automatically deleted at the moment of leaving.
Persistent cookies are stored on the device and may contain an anonymous identifier of your browser. They do not identify you as a person / as an individual, they identify access to the site and the behavior of users. They are used for the purposes of statistics on the use of measurement pages and advertising.
Advertising cookies allow you to display targeted advertising on the site based on the behavior of a user or group of users. on Web sites.
Other types of cookies are used, for example, in forms, questionnaires …
Cookies are not intended to „spy on you“, but to help the operator of the portal with statistics, traffic measurement, site navigation, function testing ….

The portal mainly uses the most widespread Google Analytics service. We also use cookies, advertising elements Adsense,, Booking and other portals or providers of wedding services and products.

Information on how we handle personal data to measure traffic

You can disable the collection and storage of data for web analytics when you install the Google Analytics Deactivation Add-on

By using the web portal, you agree to the use of cookies. You have the right to delete them or refuse to use them, just set them in your browser. If you disable cookies, in some cases the information may not be displayed correctly or may not be fully functional.