30 balloons and helium filling in a disposable container of 250 l


30 colored balloons + a container with helium for your wedding or bachelor party.

Helium is an indispensable part of any celebration or party for its fun effect.
Not only can you inflate a balloon with helium, but you can also have fun.

Helium is also used by people for inhalation to change the voice, which will certainly liven up your celebration.

The set includes:

  • disposable bottle of helium, 13.4 l contains 250 l of compressed helium to inflate 30 balloons
  • Controlling a bottle of helium is easy and can be done easily by anyone
  • a helium-filled balloon lasts for several days and can be inflated repeatedly
  • the Baloongaz container is closable

The contents of the container can be stored for at least 6 months if the container valve is fully closed.

You can buy balloons weights in various colors with the set.

Price: CZK 881

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